Reviews & Testimonials

New build house in Trevone

I am writing this Reference as a private property owner and client of Sureflow, who delivered a new build house for us in Trevone. The house will be primarily used as a holiday let, with a view to potentially using it as our family home in the future. We were unable to be present throughout most of the build due to work commitments resulting in us being based 6 hours away. I have had no prior experience of Sureflow and chose them based on the recommendation of the Architect, PURL Design, and following an initial meeting to discuss the build. 

The project involved the demolition of the existing building which was originally semi-detached and building from a clear site a substantial detached 5 bedroom house through to completion, including all fixtures and fittings. Sureflow provided on-site management throughout and used a mixture of their own in-house employees and sub-contractors, many of whom they sourced and all of whom they co-ordinated and managed. 

I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Sureflow for similar work based on the following experiences: 

As I was working remotely throughout the build a key issue for me was communication - both with me and with neighbours on the street and I was very pleased with this aspect. The on-site project manager was always contactable and proactive in getting in touch when there were decisions to be made on-site. In addition I received a weekly update on progress which included a comprehensive schedule of completed works, the plan for the following week, upcoming major milestones and a set of site photographs. This aided decision making, planning and enabled me to pre-empt any issues where our understanding of the plan might have differed. It also provided evidence of the quality of work. I greatly looked forward to the Friday afternoon update! The on-site manager worked hard to manage relationships with the neighbours and did an excellent job with some testing times and characters. All of the neighbours were complimentary of the communication and the general tidiness of the site. Throughout we had a single point of contact which was also really helpful rather than dealing with lots of people - where we needed to speak with others in the company the single point of contact was kept in the loop. 

Problem solving 
Not everything will go completely according to plan on such a large, multistakeholder project (with input from an architect, structural engineer and interior designer) and for me the measure of a good building company is how such issues are dealt with. The team were effective in identifying and proactive in highlighting issues and where they needed to be raised to me they did so promptly and gave me clear information and choices with indicative costs where applicable - they also have people of sufficient experience and knowledge to tackle most things on the most complicated domestic build. 

As a local company the team had good relationships with a variety of contractors to deliver all aspects of the build. This was reassuring and enabled the build to progress smoothly. 

The build was delivered on time with no significant delays - where it was clear that delays had occurred they worked hard to recover and get back on track. Importantly we wanted to get into the house by Christmas and this was achieved. 

Payment Schedule and costs 
Any variations in cost were articulated in sufficient time as to not affect the build. Where a decision was required by myself, but where I was slow and there was going to be an impact on time frames or costs, I was gently prompted to make a decision. 

Quality of Work 
The quality of work that was delivered was of a good standard and where contractors did not meet expectations in some aspects then Sureflow were happy to hold them to account to maintain standards, ensuring corrective action was taken. 

The work site was kept immaculate throughout and every dealing I have had with every member of the company has been excellent. All employees have been very considerate One example I would give is adherence to health and safety; we were visiting the site with our young family and a young apprentice was using a power tool. They were acutely conscious of our toddler's hearing and paused their work without being prompted. 

In summary, I would strongly recommend working with Sureflow based on my experiences and I wish you as the reader all the best with your new building project. 

If any prospective clients would like to contact me to discuss my experience with Sureflow, I would be more than happy to be contacted on 07920111338. 



Renovating a farmhouse and a full barn conversion

We have had the pleasure working with Sureflow building services for more than three years renovating a farmhouse and a full barn conversion. The scope of the project involved a full renovation of an early 1800s century farmhouse, and a complete barn conversion with substantial work including outside areas. 

Sureflow has illustrated their attention to detail throughout the entire project. Working with Sureflow is very efficient and a real pleasure. Sureflow strives for the highest quality, having an inhouse, qualified specialist tradesmen for every element of built. The team delivers quality to the highest and most precise level we have previously not experienced with other building companies in Cornwall.

Sureflow centrally manages the project from start to end with one contact person, plus one additional key contact person daily on site for us to talk to. The team is extremely knowledgeable around all aspects and challenges of our project. The result is a very efficient and proactive communication, and absolute peace of mind. 

The excellent attention to detail, strong organisational skills, commitment from his team and inhouse specialist delivering the highest standards, have been the key deciding factor for us to continue working with the team over the last years.

A big thank you to Brendon and Steve and the entire team for the amazing and outstanding work you have delivered. We are more than happy to recommend Sureflow for any high-end house renovation and barn conversion. We are looking forward to continuing working with Sureflow and the team in the near future. 

Kay & Christian