Residential building services


Residential Excellence

At the core of Sureflow's mission is a dedication to crafting dream homes for individuals and families.

Whether it's a young couple looking for their first home, a growing family in need of more space, or retirees seeking a peaceful retreat, Sureflow Building Services has the expertise to make these dreams a reality. Our portfolio showcases a wide array of residential projects, each tailored to meet the unique needs and desires of our clients.

We deliver residential homes and services across Cornwall and the South West with new builds, house extensions, renovations, sun rooms, orangeries and many more services.


Residential developments

Sureflow's work extends beyond individual homeowners, we actively collaborate with developers, local authorities and housing associations. Our ability to work closely with these entities has helped address Cornwall's pressing housing issues, ensuring that communities have access to safe, affordable, and sustainable housing options.

By partnering with councils, Sureflow aids in the development of social housing projects that benefit those most in need.



Sustainability stands as a paramount principle within Sureflow's development philosophy. We consistently endeavor to mitigate environmental and social impacts while striving to leave a positive footprint in the areas and communities where we engage.

Our commitment to sustainability is ingrained in the ethos of every team member. We pledge to establish steadfast objectives and benchmarks for each project, ensuring that we approach them with the utmost efficiency and sustainability in mind.